Malaspina -25c (-15F)


This bag was created for one of the company employees who found that he couldn’t stuff his Elias into the tiny compartment of his ski-touring pack.  The Malaspina mummy bag is intended to provide protection in Canadian winter conditions in a light and compact package.  We feel it succeeds because it weighs in at from one and a half to two pounds less than most winter bags and will keep you just about as warm.  People with screwy metabolism have been known to use this bag in the summer without melting.


  • Inside Girth: Shoulder 142 cm (56″), hip 122 cm (48″), foot 76 cm (30″)
  • Inside length: (exclusive of hood) 198 cm (78″)
  • Filling: Prime Goose Down
  • Fill Weight: 900 gr. (2 lb.)
  • Total Weight: 177 gr. (3 lb. 15 oz.)
  • Loft: 20 cm (8″)
  • Estimated Minimum Temperature: -25c (-15f)
  • $690