Kluane -12c (+10F)


This mummy bag offers amazing performance and light weight.  The cut is very lean and sparse which saves weight and increases warmth since there are no empty spaces inside the bag to be heated.  We don’t recommend this bag for thrashers or for heavy persons who may find it too constricting, but if you can fit inside you’ll never use anything else.  Because of its outstanding performance this bag has been used successfully for winter camping.  The ultimate combo of lightness, compactness and warmth.


Kluane mummy bag


  • Inside Girth: Shoulder 142 cm (56″), hip 122 cm (48″), foot 76 cm (30″)
  • Inside Length: (exclusive of hood) 198 cm (78″)
  • Filling: Prime Goose Down
  • Fill Weight: 800 gr. (1 lb. 12 oz.)
  • Total Weight: 1650 gr. (3 lbs. 11 oz.)
  • Loft: 18 cm (7″)
  • Estimated Minimum Temperature: -12c (+10f)
  • $590