Fairweather -10c (+15F)


Fairweather Sleeping bag




Because of many requests for a ‘lighter Mother Brown” we produce a rectangular bag for less extreme temperatures.  Identical in dimension to the Mother Brown, Fairweather is an excellent choice for general truckin’ around.  Despite its name, this bag will still befriend you when the weather turns foul.  Couples can order a Mother Brown and a Fairweather to zip together as a double.  On milder nights, use the Fairweather on top.  When the weather turns cold, put the Mother Brown topside to maximize warmth.





  • Size Opened Flat: 167 cm x 198 cm (66″ x 78″)
  • Filling: Prime Goose Down
  • Fill Weight: 1020 gr. (2 lb. 4 oz.)
  • Total Weight: 2120 gr. (4 lb. 10.8 oz.)
  • Loft: 15 cm (6″)
  • Estimated Minimum Temperature: -10c (+15f)
  • $675