Care and Use of your Kluane Sleeping Bag


Do not store your Kluane sleeping bag in the stuff sack provided.  The stuff sack is for transport only.  Even though we use only the finest down available, sustained compression will damage its loft retention qualities.  When storing your bag, hang it up or stuff it loosely in a large box or duffle bag.  Compression sacks can be used though your must be extra careful for the above reasons.


Always “stuff” your Kluane bag into the stuff sack.  Do not roll it up.  Start with the foot end, making sure the bottom of the stuff sack gets tightly packed, then continue stuffing handful after handful until the task is completed.  It is sometimes easier to stuff bags made from ‘waterproof breathable’ materials if the bag is turned inside-out and as much air as possible can be squished out prior to stuffing.  When unpacking, gently pull your bag from the stuff sack.  Shake the bag carefully until you can see it regaining its loft, then leave the bag for several minutes before crawling in.  Since down compresses under your body, losing much of its insulating power, always use a self-inflating mattress, foam pad, or other insulation under your bag.  Air your bag out as often as possible during use and after a trip, especially true of bags with ‘waterproof breathable’ shells.  Never attempt to dry your bag over a campfire or stove.  Sparks will melt thought the nylon in seconds.  Over the years we have repaired a multitude of bags damaged this way.


Your bag should be washed when dirty but once a year washing is sufficient for heavily used bags.  Intervals between washing can be extended when a liner is used.  We do not recommend dry-cleaning since even mild cleaning solvents are too harsh and may rob your bag of loft.  If you must have your bag dry-cleaned seek out a reputable cleaner who has experience cleaning down bags.  Before leaving your bag with the cleaner, inspect the bag in their presence.  This way if the bag is returned to you in a damaged condition the cleaner cannot say (and this happened to us) that the bag was damaged when it was brought in.  Warning! If you have your bag dry cleaned it must be aired thoroughly before use.  Cleaning solvents absorbed by the down can cause illness or death.  Air the bag for at least a week then hold the bag up to your nose.  If you can still smell cleaning fluid, air the bag some more.

Washing your Kluane Sleeping Bag:

The best way to clean a down bag is to do it yourself… hand.  Follow instructions carefully however, since improper home cleaning is the leading cause of ruined sleeping bags.


  1. Fill your bathtub with enough lukewarm water to cover the bag.
  2. Add soap (Ivory Flakes, Downy or some specialty detergent for down) and work the suds in by pushing down on the bag with open hands, gently kneading.  Do not twist or wring.  Dirt will appear as the suds work though.  Sponge off dirty spots on the nylon.
  3. Drain the tub without removing the bag.  Add more water and repeat process until the suds stay white…two or three times at most.
  4. Rinse thoroughly until there is no soap left and press the bag with your hands to remove as much water as possible.  Don’t wring it…just press.
  5. Pick the bag up carefully by gathering it up underneath and supporting all its weight with your hands.  If you pick the bag up carelessly, the weight of the water soaked down may tear the baffles.
  6. The bag should be dried in a large commercial dryer.  This means a trip to the Laundromat with a bag of quarters.  Inspect the drum of the dryer for sharp edges, protrusions, dirt, etc…., then dry thoroughly until all clumps of down are broken up.   Use very low heat or no heat at all when setting the dryer.  It may be necessary to pull apart clumped down by hand periodically.  A pair of clean sneakers thrown in with the bag will help break up the clumps.  Complete the drying with a good airing in the sun.

With proper care your Kluane sleeping bag will reward you with many years of reliable service.  If you have any questions or need any information regarding your bag please contact us.kluane logo_edited