Saint Elias -23c (-10F)

Saint Elias

St. Elias is the mummy bag for people who thought they didn’t like mummies – mostly because they had never tried one.  St. Elias offers the efficiency associated with mummy bags while still being roomy enough to allow some movement.  The St. Elias is the original Kluane design and sometimes we doubt that it’s ever been improved on as this bag is the closest thing we know of to a four season sleeping bag.  Don’t confuse St. Elias with the limp looking 2 1/4 pounders you see around.


  • Inside Girth: Shoulder 152 cm (60″), Hip 137 cm (54″), foot 91 cm (36″)
  • Inside Length: (excluding hood) 198 cm (78″)
  • Filling; Prime Goose Down
  • Fill Weight: 1020 gr ( 2 lb. 4 oz.)
  • Total Weight: 2020 gr (4 lb. 7 oz.)
  • Loft: 20 cm (8″)
  • Estimated Minimum Temparature: -23C (-10F)
  • $825