Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

We make sleeping bags for all temperature ratings and sleeping preferences with our 850 fill premium goose down (our supplier often provides us with down with fill rates as high as 900).  Our sleeping bags have been to the top of the worlds highest mountain peaks, both poles and surfed thousands of the worlds couches and are, quite frankly, the finest obtainable anywhere.  No other sleeping bag offers all the design and construction features found on Kluane bags.  Lightweight and durable, our customers continue to give great reviews to this product.  Need extra length?  More width at the top of the bag, the bottom or the middle.  We can build you a sleeping bag to accommodate!

Consider the following:

Hot Cutting; Nylon material is strong but frays easily causing seams to pull apart.  Large companies use cutting machines and cut 50 to 100 layers of cloth at a time, but this leaves a raw edge and a possible weak point even after overcasting.  The only sure way to prevent fraying is to hot cut all material to be used.  This process seals the edge of the fabric so that it can not fray – ever.  Hot cutting is a slow process (only one layer of fabric can be cut at a time) but it makes a much better sleeping bag.

Nylon Materials;  Kluane uses only the finest obtainable ripstop nylon materials specially woven and finished to be downproof.  We also offer a waterproof/breathable fabric outer shell – see options below.

Down;  Despite improvements in synthetic fills, good quality goose down remains unbeatable for it’s warmth to weight ratio, compressability, resiliency and long life.  A properly cared for Kluane down bag will last almost indefinitely.  Makers of synthetic bags claim that their bags will continue to perform when wet.  In fact, anyone who attempted to sleep in a soaking wet bag (synthetic or otherwise) at low temperatures, would inevitably succumb to hypothermia.  Expedition use of Kluane bags for weeks on end at extremely low temperatures has shown that Kluane bags do not deteriorate but continue to perform as intended.  We could make our sleeping bags with synthetic fill, we choose not to.  Kluane uses only the finest obtainable fill (prime white goose down) and we invite comparison to any other sleeping bag makers.

Zips;  Kluane bags utilize YKK Delrin 2 way zippers which can be opened at foot for ventilation.  Right and left hand zip mummy bags or square bags may be joined to create a double.

Baffle system;  Down bags must incorporate a system of quilting or internal baffling to keep the down from shifting and leaving a cold spot.  Poorly made bags do this by quilting the inner and outer shells together.  This keeps the down in place but is unsuitable except for bags designed for use in mild temperatures since there are thin spots wherever the bag is sewn though to form the quilting.  Several systems of baffling have been designed to overcome this problem.  All these systems utilize baffle material sewn between the inner and outer shells for form tubes to hold the down in place.  We use the ‘slant-box’ system and believe that it offers the best combination of weight and performance.  It is a light-weight design and allows maximum lofting of the down.  The offset helps control down shift and keep the thickness of the bag uniform.  Kluane bags all feature six inch spacing between baffles.  Baffles spaced st wider intervals than this allow the down to shift while very close baffles spacing adds weight.  The baffles themselves are made of a nylon netting which is very strong and can absorb shock and resist tearing out.

Channel block; All Kluane mummy bags incorporate a length wise baffle on the side of the bag opposite the zip to prevent down shift from top to bottom or vice versa.  This baffle is sewn to the inner and outer shells of the bag and to the radial baffles so the down can’t migrate from one tub to an adjacent tube.  All other bags which incorporate this feature end up with exposed seams on at least one side.  On Kluane bags, these seams, like all other seams, are hidden.

Zipper baffles; Zipper baffles are supposed to prevent a cold spot along the zipper.  most bags simply provide a down-filled flap sewn on the the edge of the bag.  Kluane mummy bags utilize a completely cold-proof double baffle system featuring large, well filled tubes sewn on top and bottom.  The baffles are sewn to the bag with a two inch offset to eliminate drafts where baffle and bag are joined.   The two baffles overlap completely eliminating drafts.  The baffles extend right to the foot of the bag so there is never any draft at the bottom of the zip.  Fairweather and Mother Brown models use a single but very large draft tube.  The tube is sewn with a two inch offset and extends the length of the bag and around the foot.

Stitching; Kluane down sleeping bags are sewn with only two exposed seams in the whole bag.  These seams are where the zipper is sewn in and the bag is closed after filling with down.  All other seams are hidden.  This means no snagged threads and much longer life for the bag.  The thread we use is strong synthetic with a cotton wrap.  The terylene core providing great strength while the cotton wrap fills the needle holes and prevents down coming through.

Box foot; Kluane mummy bags employ a fully baffled box foot section.  This prevents the feet from sticking up and compressing the down above them and causing a cold spot.  In addition, the foot is designed so that the inside of the bag is shorter than the outside.  This prevents the sleeper from pushing their feet against the foot of the bag and creating a cold spot.

Hood; Kluane mummy bags all have a hood to completely eliminate drafts around head and shoulders.  It is the hood, more than any other feature, that makes mummy bags so much warmer than other types.  A velcro tab is provided to lock the top of the zip.  Opposite the zipper a single drawstring is provided to close the hood.  The drawstring can be locked in place by means of a 1/4 oz. delrin clamp.  Fairweather and Mother Brown bags also have a drawstring clamp and velcro lock.

Differential Cut; All of our mummy bags are deferentially cut.  This means that he inner shell has a smaller circumference than the outside shell so that the sleeper can’t push though to the outside and create thin cold spots in the bag.  This design also allows greater lofting of the down.  The greater loft couples with the prevention of cold spots caused by elbow and knee pressure. provides a thermos bottle affect of dead air around the sleeper.  This differential cut is achieved in most bags by simply cutting the inner shell a certain number in inches narrower than the outer shell.  When shells cut like this are made into a bag, the result is a much more severe differential cut at the bottom of the bag since the circumference is much less at the bottom than the top.  As a result. the foot is excessively arched creating a large cavity.  The space must be heated.  the heat comes from you feet and your feet get cold.  Kluane shells are cut so that the relative difference between inner and outer is constant throughout the bag.  The inner shell drapes properly around the feet and they stay warm.  Note: Differential cut is not important in roomier rectangular and tapered bags hence our Fairweather and Mother Brown bags are ‘flat’ (nondifferentially) cut.

Stuff Sack; All Kluane bags come complete with a waterproof stuff sack.



Sleeping Bags                                                                 Fill Weight                 Total Weight

Logan Inner 0°C Liner                                  $405                454 gr. (1 lb.)                980 gr. (2 lb. 3 oz.)

Summerthought -5°C                                    $535               588 gr. (1 lb. 4 oz.)      1025 gr. (2 lb. 12 oz.)

Kluane -12°C Narrow Mummy                    $750               800 gr. (1 lb. 12 oz.)    1650 gr. (3 lb. 11 oz.)

St. Elias Light -12°C Mummy                      $865                641 gr. (1 lb. 7 oz.)      1780 gr. (3 lb. 15 oz.)

St. Elias -23°C Mummy                               $1045                 1020 gr. (2 lb. 4 oz.)   2020 gr. (4 lb. 7 oz.)

St. Elias 2.5 -28°C Mummy                          $1090               1120 gr. (2 lb. 8 oz.)    2140 gr. (4 lb. 11 oz.)

Logan Double -40°C (St.Elias and Liner)   $1425            See individual bags    3010 gr. (6 lb. 10 oz.)

Malaspine -25°C Narrow Mummy             $870                  900 gr. (2 lb.)              1770 gr. (3 lb. 15 oz.)

Mother Brown -25c (-15F)                           $1095                 1360 gr. (3 lb.)             2500 gr. (5 lb. 8 oz.)

Mt. Logan -34°C                                           $1230                  1360 gr. (3 lb.)             2300 gr. (5 lb. 3 oz.)

Fairweather -10°C                                        $855                  1020 gr. (2 lb. 4 oz.)   2120 gr. (4 lb. 10.8 oz.)

Kaskawulsh -25°C 2 Person Mummy       $1465                1700 gr. (3 lb. 12 oz.)   2950 gr. (6 lb. 8 oz.)

Rectangular -5°C                                          $715

Rectangular 0°C                                           $640

Children’s Bag                                   Starting at $350


    • Waterproof/Breathable shell  add $145
    • Down Collar                               add $80
    • Cotton Liner                               add $100
    • Vapour Barrier                           add $100
    • Bivouac Bags: Cotton/Poly      $200
    • Waterproof/Breathable Bivy.  $340
    • Traveling Pillow                         $65